Containers and closures cleaning

On time and On Spec

Containers and closures can be directly purchased by Acorn, from the manufacturer or distributor, or they can be supplied by the customer. All product batches are tracked and monitored from their arrival at our facility, through cleaning and sterilization, to packing and shipping. Traceability is guaranteed throughout the whole process.

We offer industry standards and specifications with multiple cleaning and sterilizing technologies:

  • DI Water, USP Purified Water, and Water for Injection
  • High purity thermal and vacuum cleaning and drying methods
  • Custom washing for all types of vials, bottles, stoppers, and seals
  • Thermal depyrogenation and dry heat sterilization ovens and tunnels
  • Autoclaves for steam sterilization
  • Tray pack, foil wrap, autoclave bag, shrink wrap module, clean plastic bag and vacuum packaging

We welcome you to reach out to us to discuss solutions for your organization’s unique sterilization specifications and standards.

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